Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Girl is on the way.

Got the call about an hour ago,
Bekah's Baby Girl isn't waiting 'til 08/07/08 or even 07/25/08.
She is here NOW!
They're prepping for a c - section as I type.
Patty got the time off from work,
but we weren't going until the 25th.
She's headed out tomorrow to care for Adam
and help Bekah recover for the next two weeks.
I'll get there a little later.
We still don't know her name.
Not sure that JamBekah does either.
Course, that's the way it was with Micah,
no name for three days.

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KareBear said...

Wow!!!! A baby girl is on the way!! I'm praying!
How exciting! When you least expect it, expect it!